As the world changes there remains a constant - CONTENT. Luckily for us the new models becoming vogue are still 100% content based (i.e. vr/ar/eSports/virtuals etc.,) enabling us to continue to leverage our powerful platform today (and be ready for tomorrow) to generate many new and lucrative streams of fan-to-brand engagement


Content is king and we are built to monetize it (and stack rev)

  • Users spend over 12 hours/day* staring at streaming content

  • We generate revenue 24/7 anywhere on and offline 

  • We maintain an "always-on" connection to the consumer (i.e top of wallet) both on and offline

  • We are built to stack or compound revenue and engagement to our partners

  • The future (ar/vr/ml/eSports/virtuals) is all about content and we enable our partners to generate new, exciting and lucrative new revenue streams from them


 EyeBuy Monetizes All Types Of Content